Keep your talent. Maximize your employees engagement and reduce psychosocial impact such as burnout.

To remain sustainable your company has to work on employee engagement and wellbeing. Intrinsinc motivation such as autonomy, relatedness and access to training/development are the most relevant motivational elements on which your company has a direct impact. These have been seriously studied by international behaviorist such as Deci & Ryan (‘self determination theory’). While being valuable for HR management, relying on a yearly assessment – with hundreds of questions – is not helpful for the employee who wants to be considered in isolation from the group.  Intrinsinc motivation can be evaluated more personaly as opposed to extrinsic ones.

Increasing engagement by using your employee skills correctly and mesuring satisfaction it is a must do.



Sickness leaves are an important source of braindrain. Wellbeing and happiness is a top concern and has a direct impact on employers reputation and the ability to keep their talents.

brainTerms evaluates your employee intrinsic motivation and deliver real time report and analytics.