In 2018 everyone will agree that your company talents are your best asset. They are the one making and selling your products. They are the one willing to enhance your company clients experiences too. Loose talent and you will loose value. Absolutly nothing new here.

Increasing customer journey is on every lips. Increasing talents journey is not. Yes you are organising regular team events, a christmas party, and perhaps you may have a training portal… or several non integrated tool (sharepoint site etc.).

But it is 2018 and the industrial and economical world is becoming Agile, innovative. Your talent journey experience needs to be aligned with it. You may ask consultant to help you reorganize your company, or coach your team to enhance your innovation process, but when these consultants will leave, without the right tools, some benefits will fade away. dot. (See our other article about that)

In 2018 the tool you need must increase your employee mobility, skills, satisfaction, and possibly increase your innovation. Alltogether. You need to have a tool that increase your Agile Workforce Engagement. At brainTerms we are exactly working on that; with signifcant results :

Increase Internal Mobility

Make your talents move internally, and make them share ideas. It is not about getting a new internal job. It is about allowing your employee helping each other accross departements. Make the process smart and frictionless. Your company should be able to post their internal needs (for short or long term mission) and your talents should be able to ask questions on it. Fast and simple. The right talent is the one with the right skills and the right appetite, available at the right time. Your platform needs to assess those parameters and propose you the right profile, matching your request.

Skills Inventory Management

Few companies do well in Skills Management. Yes, you have excell sheets, or perhaps a database somewhere… seriously ? how usefull is it ? Your platform needs to integrate the skills you need to assess. The skills people love to work on, and how much they use them. Your talents should be able to find other internal talents sharing the same skillset. Relatedness is an important motivation factor, acquiring competences too.

Skills analytics should be presented to the management. How much people know Microservice architecture ? How much would like to know it ? Can those 2 group meet together and coach each other ? Wonderful isn’it ?

Innovation Funnel

Innovation is internal or external (inside or outside your company). Typically a well defined innovation management strategy will allow your employees to generate valuable ideas. Some of these will be selected and executed/prototyped by a team of people with different skills; ideally in a co-creation mode. brainTerms optional Innovation module allows you to do this. It allows your clients to interact and share ideas with you as well.

Satisfaction Analysis

That is the cornerstone of all this. Your talent needs to be satisfied, and you should monitor their satisfaction, and act on the results.

Our SaaS platform does it, and provide the answers that you need to get to engage your workforce. Simple and clean

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