Most of the Agile Transformations are done via a network of external management consultants. Driving the change via an external company has its benefits. But one day, they will be gone and your new company culture will need to continue its life by itself.

Needless to say that Tools have never been enough to drive a transformation journey. Transformation is first a human journey. Tools however can support it. They are the one that will stay once your consultants will be gone. Amongst other, they are the one that will make this new culture stick to your employees.

Have you ever felt this excitement when opening Microsoft Excel ? The pleasure to work with Microsoft Words ? Thrilling when your Outlook opens ? NO. Because none of these increase employee satisfaction or impact employees in their Employee Journey Experience. By far the only exciting tools at your office right now is probably the “Human Resource Benefits” Sharepoint page. Just Great.

Still, companies can do better than this. Employees need to get tools that impact their worklife positively. Tools that enhance their satisfaction by increasing people relatedness, autonomy, recognition and allow them to acquire competencies. (These factors are the ones best described in the latest Motivational Theories eg. Deci and Ryan). Tools that do not increase on-line collaboration but physical one as well.

And in 2018 these tools needs to be build for your employee first, not for the management. And if you want to succeed the After Life of Management Consulting, these tools needs to be integrated with your new company culture by using the same vocabulary and fit to your Agile culture.

(See Agile Workforce : The Tooling Experience for more info)

Think about it. Think brainTerms .

Engaging Your Agile Workforce

Jerome Derenne